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Danish Dining Chairs

Danish Dining Chairs

Dining Room

Finished in time for Christmas, 2011.

Four chairs. These are our most comfortable chairs. Well made in the US in the 60s. Emily thinks the upholstery is really cool.

The finish is worn out: sticky in places. I've made progress with a stripper/refinisher, but it was a big job.

I'm considering some sort of interesting painting arrangement.

I even bought red fabric to reupholster the seats.

UPDATE 12/12/08 These are turning out to be beautiful!!!
Am refinishing with 1 coat of rub on poly, followed by several coats of tinted poly, applied with a rag.

UPDATE 6/12/11 (2.5 years later)
4 chairs:

A is finished but needs tightening
B is finished but seat needs upholstering (partly done)
C is in the basement being stripped
D is in the dining room and still looks like the one pictured here.

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